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Days 5-7 NF 6 Week Challenge

Busy week/weekend so this is the Cliffs Notes Version

Day 5 (Friday! 2/28)

Main Quest:

  • PU/SQ 10 x 6 (pushups and squats at every restroom break)

  • Academy Workout Dumbbell Level 2 A (see pic below for details)


  • Food-

    • Breakfast: Oatmeal, raisins, & coconut oil

    • Lunch: Tuna, salsa & apple, banana & carrots


    • Dinner: leftover pork wraps
    • 136 ounces of water today
    • Snack- Ezekiel toasted with pb, bananas & cinnamon


Life Quest

  • Morning Routine- Yes- not as RX’d-WIN

  • Afternoon Routine-Yes

  • Before Bed- Yes

    • Bonus points for taking care of sick P!


Day 6 (Saturday 3/1)

Main Quest: Photo below!


Life Quest

  • Morning Routine- Yes- Bed is just not getting made, but everything else is great!

  • Afternoon Routine-Yes, except I didn’t eat lunch

  • Before Bed- Yes

    • Bonus points for Reading, drinking, and Nerdchatting! Much needed quiet time!


Day 7 (Sunday 3/2)

Main Quest:

  • Run 8.08 miles total. 3.1 toward my Olive5k/ 5miles toward 5 by the 5th and all toward my 2014 km in 2014


  • Food-

    • breakfast egg bacon cup


    • no lunch (I napped!!)

    • Dinner- PIZZA and it was delish. My tummy wasn’t thrilled but my tastebuds were!


    • Ezekiel toast with pb & bananas & cinnamon ( you didn’t need ANOTHER pic of that did you???)

Life Quest

  • Morning Routine- A scaled down version

  • Afternoon Routine-Yes

  • Before Bed- Yes

    • Bonus points for inspiring this one to want to learn to deadlift!!!



4 thoughts on “Days 5-7 NF 6 Week Challenge

    • Thanks Mindy! Like I said on instagram when I posted the pizza, life is too short to deny yourself the occasional treat! I’m also super lucky that Big J (hubby) is a phenomenal cook, so even the “healthy” stuff is divine!!!


  1. You eat so much better than me, I am lucky if I take the time once a week to prepare a nice meal, that is awesome you do it! How fun to inspire your child to want to do deadlifts!!!


    • My husband and I are really trying to make lasting positive changes in our diet that are sustainable. But we have to have the treats sometimes so we don’t feel like we’re missing out on the fun stuff!
      I’m hoping she wants to stick with it. My son likes to race with me so I’m trying to find more 5ks for us. It’s awesome to see your kids making good life choices!


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