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Day 2 NF 6 Week Challenge

Day 2

(I meant to do this earlier today but hey, I was busy being productive and shit)

Main Quest:

  • PU/SQ 10 x 6 (this is the pushups and squats at every restroom break)

  • Academy Workout Dumbbell Level 2 B (see pic below for details)


  • Food-

    • Breakfast: Oatmeal, greek yogurt, raisins

    • Lunch: Tuna, eggs, salsa & roasted red pepper hummus w/carrots

    • Dinner: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes- Recipe inspired by Civilized Caveman

      • My version of this coming to the blog SOON!!!

    • 136 ounces of water today

wpid-20140225_100340.jpgwpid-IMG_20140225_082515.jpg*I’ve noticed that my taste for coffee lately is falling off. Like, it really isn’t tasting good to me anymore! I barely had a quarter cup. Also- plain greek yogurt mixed in with my oatmeal is NOT yummy!


Life Quest

  • Morning Routine- Yes- not as RX’d but did things to make my day easier-WIN

  • Afternoon Routine-Home late, dove straight into Evening Routine

  • Zone mission- detailed dusting in the living room- No, due to being home so late.

  • FlyFocus-Planning- Yes

    • Thought about what to pack for lunch, clothes, dinner Wednesday, future blog posts

  • Before Bed- Yes

Had a good albeit short conversation with Big S (who is now 19 btw…HOLY CRAP when did THAT happen?!?!?!) about some tender things between us. We are a work in progress, but I’m hopeful that we can move through our struggles with GRACE.

I picked out some infinity scarves for her that she loved so I feel pretty good about that too! Love that girl!

ALL of the kids (even Little Picky P) ate the stuffed sweet potatoes- I should start taking more pics of the kids when they eat awesome things! Lil S (who’s not so little either-nearly 13) enjoyed her dinner so much that she took a picture and posted it to her tumblr! #momwin

Next time I make this I will need to double the recipe because there wasn’t enough for me to take leftovers for lunch!

wpid-Screenshot_2014-02-26-13-25-25-1.png*I’ll post more pics when I post the recipe

All in all it was a pretty good day. J pointed out that my temper was short. Initially I disagreed, but reviewing the day he was absolutely right. The rest of the night I tried to be extra mindful of my attitude and said lots of prayers of patience.

I didn’t get to quite as early as I had hoped because I wasn’t going to bed without a shiny sink and finishing up my lists.

I slept peacefully and got some super sweet snuggles with J before he ran off to work. (His ‘getting up’ time wasn’t long after I got to bed so his morning is still my nighttime!)



2 thoughts on “Day 2 NF 6 Week Challenge

    • Thanks Amber. It’s crazy how our tastes can change, and so quickly too!
      I’m not nearly as interested in sweets anymore either and that’s huge coming from the girl who quite literally polished off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s EVERY NIGHT for like 6 months!!!


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