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Can You Handle 13 in 2013?

When Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Jill Conyers posted a discussion titled “Are You Up For A Challenge? How About 13 in 2013?” I thought she’s crazy! I can’t afford race entries EVERY SINGLE MONTH plus ONE!!  This woman has lost her mind! Then fellow ambassador MrsCJimenez mentioned that there are TONS of virtual races that are hosted throughout the year and MANY of them are *FREE* (my favorite 4 letter “F” word!)  She linked me up to Mommy Run Fast . She’s hosting a 5 by the 5th Challenge. A free racing series where you commit to running a 5 miles or 5K by the 5th of every month from January to June 2013.

Well I can’t resist FREE so I registered! And there’s prizes! AND I have more excuses to run! It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!  

So now I’m headed over to Jill Conyers to officially register for the 13 in 2013!

Join us and spread the word!

Can YOU handle 13 races in 2013?



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