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“Blog on Fire”

I was nominated for this blog award by the gorgeous Kelsey at Run, Sweat, and Sparkle! First of all, WOW and secondly THANK YOU!!! I’m a relatively new blogger and to have someone with an established blog bestow upon me an award of ANY KIND is absolutely touching! It is my understanding that upon acceptance of this award, you share 8 things about yourself. Since I’m such a newbie, anything goes!!!


1. I have 4 beautiful children of my own and 1 adorable step-daughter

2. My husband is my best friend

3. 105 days ago I was a pack a day smoker

4. 105 days ago I HATED RUNNING!!!

5.  I’m registered for Warrior Dash in November

6. I’m training for my first half and Full marathon (Right Robin?!?!?!!!!!!)

7. I try to eat Paleo 90% of the time

8. Besides my hubby and my babies, my heroes in life are my baby brother, Staci, Steve Kamb, and David Damron


I don’t know 8 blogs to nominate, but here’s a few

1. Robin

2. Beginning Barefoot

If I come across any other Blogs I love, I’ll add them.


2 thoughts on ““Blog on Fire”

    • I committed myself to a Whole30 experiment too- now that I’m past the carb flu and debilitating carb cravings I’m much better!
      My tummy is generally happy and I’m starting to see a difference in my body fat and composition. My energy and sleep have improved by leaps and bounds too!


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